The residential street turns 35, but it still does not seem familiar to us. A normal side street in Vienna, marked only with friendly signs? Nothing in the design of most of these streets indicates that the area was actually created for children. And who knows or sees already that only pace is allowed and driving through generally prohibited?

The StVO is not respected. Cars drive through, and that much faster 5 km / h. Parking lots still play the main role here, as on almost all streets in Vienna. A bad planning?

In recent years, attempts have been made to provisionally close existing information gaps on individual streets. The signs were also painted on the road or additional instructions such as "residential road - passage forbidden" attached.

But has the goal been achieved that residential streets are actually used by children? In many residential streets there is little space to play due to parking cars. Apart from that, due to the lack of design, children do not even get the idea to step onto this normal street.

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