What a graphic floor marking can do without much effort ? The idea is simple: unusual marking elements in the form of patterns indicate that something is quite different in this street.

Because the road is always perceived, signs on the roadside, however, are often overlooked. Drivers quickly realize that there is room for children playing here. And even more important: even the children and potential users signaled the unusual street painting: Use me playful!

The patterns play with set pieces of the road marking, or with symbols from the children's world. They are playful but abstract enough to enable children to be open-minded. So you do not specify exactly what to do here.

Instead of the classical temple hopping pattern, an abstract line weave is conceivable. You can follow the lines like a maze, or jump over them from one field to the next. In this case, stride lengths of children are the most important unit of measure for the development of the patterns.

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